Here you can listen to some small snippets of music that could be used in commercials, soundtracks, themes, jingles etc. I have a diverse selection of tracks, ranging from dark sounding classical, industrial, punk rock to pop classical music. This is just a small taster of what Cayke Media has to offer and by no means the only styles or instruments we use to record.

We use a variety of instruments in recording: electric guitars, synthesizers, acoustic guitars, violins, vocals, virtual instruments (including steven slate drums and more). We use and have a wide selection of microphones to ensure you get the vibe you are looking for, whether it is a 1950’s type doo wop jingle, or an 80’s love anthem. We use Logic Pro X and several industry standard plugins e.g. waves, steven slate etc. and have a vast amount of experience in recording and producing music.

Please have a listen and if you are interested or have any comments, get in touch at