This is an example of online restaurant website design with a booking form. I designed the page so all content was on a single page. This makes it easy for the customer to browse. It uses the latest web technologies to allow the user to navigate throughout the website with ease, regardless of device, using responsive web design. I feel that having the content on a single page makes this website unique, and gives the customer a very pleasant experience. It also means that the customer can immediately see all the content; quickening the load times. This is more and more relevant in today’s age as the majority of people who view your website will be using mobile devices. This means they can easily scroll through your content and get to the required information. This coupled with a professional presentation with high resolution images of the food you cook, results in a happy experience for the customer and therefore an increase chance of a potential booking. Think about how having a website for your restaurant could benefit your business.

  • Less phone calls, meaning the booking system is easier to manage
  • Users can see the menu 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • You do not have to spend money on posting leaflets through people’s doors (although this may still be advised for market exposure)
  • It is easy to recommend e.g. “Check out our website at ……”
  • It makes you look like you care about your business, making you look more professional
  • And much, much more.

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