Here you can see a website I created for a local business in Cobham whose focus was in market research and actionable insight. This website was built with a clean, precise design in mind, using corporate colours (blue and white) to portray the The Insight Gap’s organised, efficient and clear insight into a business’s current data, squeezing value from existing data through thorough analysis and in turn providing support on future decision making and direction. This in turn made the logo design simple. We needed a logo that would be easy to read, simple and straight forward. We agreed on the second version of the logo, resulting in an airy and clear top section, tying in with the company’s name, The Insight Gap.

All content is on one single page, so potential customers can easily get the information they want. Navigation is made simple through the use of hyperlinks that point to anchors (different sections) of that page. This in turn creates a seamless, fluid transition through different parts of the site.

The site needed to be responsive and was tested thoroughly on different devices (phones, tablets and desktop computers).